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From emerging markets to converging media, comScore is the one global source of digital market intelligence that truly measures the digital world. Clients turn to comScore for objective, accurate and reliable insights into consumers' online behavior and for details into their demographic characteristics, attitudes, lifestyles and offline activities. Spanning across nearly every region of the globe, comScore provides comprehensive international solutions, helping clients get answers to the questions that matter most to them.

comScore’s Video Metrix hybrid reporting methodology ensures that publishers have complete coverage of their online video efforts in the way that best represents them to the marketplace. It does this by utilizing person-level engagement information gathered from a panel of internet users as well as census-level usage statistics gathered across the entire population. This information is aggregated to produce highly accurate and granular online video usage statistics that are syndicated to the marketplace, giving media planners and industry analysts the insights necessary for strategic decision-making. The census-level usage statistics relied on by comScore’s hybrid methodology are derived from beacons fired by partnering publishers. These beacons send comScore video-specific information every time a video plays, providing an accurate census-level picture of clients’ online video efforts. comScore has worked with Microsoft to develop this plug-in that seamlessly enables clients to integrate comScore’s video beaconing technology into their Silverlight efforts.

For Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework video players, comScore measurements can be achieved by adding the TrackPlayer behavior to your video player object. With the comScore Web Analytics behavior included as an interaction in your XAML and setting the ClientID property, video tagging can be achieved by setting the custom properties of the TrackPlayer to the playing video’s metadata.

Please contact your comScore client service manager for more information and to discuss implementing the comScore video beacon.

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