Basic Setup for Google in SL4 App

Dec 6, 2010 at 10:01 PM

I have reviewed the samples, read in the help file, and watched videos. I still can't seem to get a basic sample working.

I have the google tracking script in my default.aspx, where the entire apps is served from.

What should be in the app.xaml? Is there anything specific to Google for the app.xaml?

I have a class I use as a singleton with this code in it:

  in the class...

public Action<AnalyticsEvent> Log { getset; }
.. in the constructor
   pendingActions = new List<Action>();
   and this method:
        public void LogEvent(string actionValue, string category, string var1, string var2)
            var logEvent = new AnalyticsEvent();
            logEvent.ActionValue = actionValue;
            logEvent.Category = category;
            logEvent.EventArgs = new Collection<PropertyValue>();
            logEvent.EventArgs.Add(new PropertyValue() { PropertyName = "var1", Value = var1 });
            logEvent.EventArgs.Add(new PropertyValue() { PropertyName = "var2", Value = var2 });

When I run fiddler, I see the initial call to google (assume that's just because of the script in the default.aspx). I have a break set at a call to LogEvent, and when 'Log' fires, I don't see anything in fiddler.

What can I be leaving out?