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More data is available than ever before. This data provides opportunities to get insights about about organizations and business, customers, and the public, to fulfil demands and give good service. designs and provides applications to enhance understanding about the business environment. With the notion Web Analysis 2i, i for insights, a new generation of applications are developed. They are affordable, easy to use, have the depth for thourough analyses, but foremost, they include explanations and suggestions for actions based on scientific research. are working on the challenge to make use and sense out of data for decision makers.

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One of the products is WARG, which is a very affordable Web Analysis Report Generator; very simple to use, yet very powerful. With just a few clicks, the essential reports of the usage of a website are generated for analysis in the most popular formats. The reports, based on scientific research of a number of renowned websites, have descriptions and explanations. They are designed to make web analyses easy, but useful for: managers, bloggers, and professionals working with websites. WARG can be used with any general any web-site tracking system, and also thorough direct access to the most used tracking system in the world, Google Analytics. Download WARG and try the demo sites for a: Blog, eCommerce business, and Non-profit organization, and go from there.

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Another product is AppStats, a tool for application usage analysis. AppStats is designed to be both easy to use as well offer advanced settings for deeper analysis. Simply check the sections you like, then press Generate report and you get the reports you would like to use for analysis. Supported formats include XPS, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and HTML.

Desired reports are generated very fast with AppStats, and will therefore save you time as well as money. AppStats also provides reports suitable for business presentations. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to you on for example a daily basis. You can also request reports on your mobile device using AppStats Remote.

Since AppStats can produce reports in the Excel format, further analysis can be made in Excel, where data from other sources can be used for the analysis.

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