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The ServiceOrientedAnalyticsServiceOrientedAnalytics Behavior in the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework is a generic service behavior that sends data to a specific HTTP endpoint using GET or POST.

Service Oriented Analytics Protocol Specification 1.0


{endpoint}/SOA/{version}/?[query paramters]

URL Address Paramters

Parameter Description
{endpoint} the service endpoint
{version} the protocol version (currently "1")

URL Query Parameters

Parameter Description
ai the Account Id
an the name of the application
av an escaped text value that is specific to the event type
c 1 or 0, If this is an immediate event, c=0 or it is cached from offline activity, c=1(optional, default=0)
ca a string category name
ci a unique identifier for the content
d the document URI (escaped)
fs is the application running in full screen (0=no, 1=yes)
ht the hit type for the event (0=Event, 1=Transaction, 2=Item, 3=Variable, 4=PageView)
id GUID, unique ID for the user
is The application installation state (0=Not installed, 1=Installing, 2=Installed, 3=Install Failed)
l the user language
n the name of the event
ns the navigation state URI fragment for applications that use frame navigation
on the name of the visual element that the action is related to
re the URL of the referrer
rs the resolution (width x height) in pixels of the application
sl the framework (Silverlight) version
sn the A/B testing state name
tc the seconds since the application started
ts The encoded timestamp in Universal sortable date/time pattern (.NET "u" format)
v an integer value that is specifc to the event type
vs the application version
z the broswer zoom factor

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