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Nedstat is a leading provider of web analytics and innovative solutions for online business optimization.
Our products and services provide marketers with the insight and tools they need to target their customers with compelling content or products and improve their online results.

Nedstat is frontrunner in video and mobile analytics. For Microsoft platforms, Nedstat for Silverlight components together with the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework provide support for our award-winning analytics suite Sitestat, as well as flagship video usage insight tool Stream Sense.

Usage Instructions

Besides the regular MSAF usage you must follow, there are some instructions specific to Sitestat analytics.
Sitestat Events
Once you drag the SitestatMeter behavior, you may set its PixelURL property to the one you were provided by your assigned Consultant.

For every TrackAction you attach to specific events of any object, there will be a Sitestat View event transmitted.
You may set any number of custom labels to be transmitted in its CustomProperties collection.
Stream Sense Video analytics
In order to enable Stream Sense video analytics you will drag the appropriate behavior to your player object, as the MSAF documents in its help file.

Then you must link the following libraries from Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework.4\ :
  • Nedstat.Products.StreamSense.dll
  • Nedstat.MSAF.StreamSense.dll

If your player is based on either SMF or SMF2 you must link one additional dll:
  • Nedstat.MSAF.Products.StreamSense.Handlers.SMF.dll
  • Nedstat.MSAF.Products.StreamSense.Handlers.SMF2.dll

By doing so, once you enable MSAF analytics and attach the appropriate MSAF behavior to a MediaElement, SMFPlayer or equivalent, Stream Sense analytics will engage.

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