Disable tracking if not connected to Wi-Fi

Nov 3, 2010 at 10:21 AM


First of all thanks a lot for this useful and well designed library.

I've recently written a blog post: 
Tracking Sales Statistics with the Silverlight Analytics Framework for Windows Phone

A comment raised an interesting question. 

With the MSAF framework on a phone, if you are not using wifi, does it make a datacall every time you hit a page, or does it batch them together and send them once a day (something like what it does when running OOB). I think my users would be annoyed if it kept connecting to the internet on every single page... however it is sent it once a day or something it would be better...

I can set the IsPageTrackingEnabled property to False to avoid page tracking at all, but I agree with the comment author that an extra property for Wi-Fi-only tracking would be good. Something like OnlyTrackWhenConnectedToWiFi.


It would also like to disable any automatic tracking. The Activated, Deactivated and Started events are always tracked and not covered by  IsPageTrackingEnabled property.




- Rene Schulte