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Project Description
Extensible Web Analytics Framework for Microsoft Silverlight, WPF, and Windows Phone 7 Applications.


Design Goals

Included Analytics Services

Vendor Behavior Silverlight 3 Silverlight 4 WPF Windows Phone 7
ATInternet.WebAnalytics.ATInternetAnalytics.24x24.png AT Internet ATInternetAnalytics X X X
Comscore.WebAnalytics.ComscoreWebAnalytics.24x24.png Comscore ComscoreWebAnalytics X X
Eqatec.WebAnalytics.EqatecAnalytics.24x24.png EQATEC Analytics EqatecAnalytics X X
GlanceGuide.WebAnalytics.GlanceGuideAnalytics.24x24.png GlanceGuide GlanceGuideAnalytics X X
Google.WebAnalytics.GoogleAnalytics.24x24.png Google Analytics GoogleAnalytics X X X X
NedstatIcon.png Nedstat SitestatMeter X X X X
Omniture.WebAnalytics.OmnitureAppMeasurement.24x24.png Omniture, An Adobe Company * AppMeasurement X
PreEmptive.RuntimeIntelligence.RuntimeIntelligenceAnalytics.24x24.png PreEmptive Solutions RuntimeIntelligenceAnalytics X X **
Quantcast.24x24.png Quantcast QuantcastAnalytics X X
Microsoft.WebAnalytics.Behaviors.ServiceOrientedAnalytics.24x24.png Service Oriented Analytics ServiceOrientedAnalytics X X X X
AppsStats24x24.png WebAnalysis.Net WebAnalysisDotNetAnalytics X X X X
Webtrekk.WebAnalytics.WebtrekkAnalytics.24x24.png Webtrekk WebtrekkAnalytics X X
Webtrends.WebAnalytics.WebtrendsAnalytics.24x24.png Webtrends WebtrendsAnalytics X X X

* Omniture AppMeasurement is available as an additional download from
** Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone is not in the analytics framework but can be used in parallel or separtely. See this blog post for more details.

Service Oriented Analytics

Supported UI Controls



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